Side Note

A cartographer maps the global impact of humanity

Whether it’s the beautiful melting glaciers of Antarctica, the coral reefs that dot our ocean floors, or our ever-warming atmosphere — it’s safe to say humanity’s impact isn’t great. As a species, we’ve gotten our grubby little fingers on basically every inch of Earth and don’t seem to be close to letting go anytime soon. On the off chance you still aren’t convinced there is a series of maps on the human footprint designed by cartographer Cooper Thomas.

Thomas designed the maps as part of his work as a Product Engineer for Esri's Story Maps project. Esri is a geographical information systems mapping company, and despite how boring that sounds, its website actually has a number of cool interactive maps and data visualisations.

The graphics seen here are static representations of some of the multimedia projects that were created as part of Esri Story Maps’ latest endeavor, “The Human Reach,” which explores the global impact of humanity.