Side Note

Abuse accusations against USC doctor may number in the thousands

The number of former students suing a University of Southern California gynecologist for sexually abusing patients over the course of 30 years may reach into the thousands.

Over 200 women have already signed onto the lawsuit, which was filed on June 5 against both Dr. George Tyndall and USC, and according to the Los Angeles Times, that number is expected to grow dramatically: “Lawyers representing the alleged victims expect the number of women suing to reach at least several hundred and possibly thousands.”

The Times previously reported that Tyndall, who for thirty years served as the only full-time gynecologist at the USC student health clinic, had repeatedly taken pictures of students’ genitals, inappropriately touched them, and made “sexually suggestive remarks” to his patients. After the university learned of the accusations, Tyndall was given a payout in exchange for his discreet departure. USC did not notify any of his patients about the allegations.

The lawsuit comes only a few months after Michigan State settled for $500 million against 332 students who claimed that sports doctor Larry Nassar preyed on them for decades. John Manly, who represented the former Michigan State students, believes that the Tyndall case will bring many more accusers than even Nassar’s did. “I have never seen anything like the volume of calls we are getting,” he told the Times.