Side Note

Dr. Drone will see you now

In addition to being downright terrifying, drones are also pretty cool sometimes. They can map the Great Wall of China from far above, sterilize deadly mosquitos en masse like nobody’s business, and as of late, they might even be able to replace doctors.

A project led by the National Innovation Centre (NIC) of Nepal is using drones to bring healthcare to remote regions of the country, Reuters reports. Built and designed by young Nepali college graduates, the remote-controlled machines can provide basic medical services to rural residents who would normally be required to make the trek to a major city in order to receive legitimate care.

The medical drones are capable of carrying up to two pounds of supplies, medicine, laboratory samples, or other relevant goods for up to 1.2 miles at a time before requiring a recharge.

Nepalese drones are bringing medicine to the remotest areas.

“Developing such drones with distinct capacities and improved efficiency is hopefully a step towards ending the present-day dependence on road networks to transport medical goods, particularly in the case of rural, remote and far-flung regions in Nepal,” wrote Dr. Mahabir Pun, Chairman of the National Innovation Centre, Nepal, in a post on the matter for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“Not only is the project guaranteed to be a game changer insofar as rural healthcare is concerned, but it also opens the door for similar innovations in the future seeking to address other major challenges of development in Nepal," Pun continued.

Meanwhile, Amazon still can’t get a drone to chuck packages on your lawn...