The Future

Cheating at HQ Trivia just got a whole lot harder

RIP HQuack.

HQuack, everyone’s favorite HQ Trivia cheating app (and our favorite too) is no more. As of Friday afternoon, the site was taken down by its creator, Jake Mor.

HQuack was the first publicly-available cheat for HQ Trivia that gave players live answers to the game.

In a statement to The Outline, Mor cited the impact HQuack was having on HQ as his main reasoning behind pulling the site: “[I]t was becoming increasingly apparent that HQuack could be affecting the game, and I wasn’t really interested in that happening.”

HQuack experienced a dramatic rise in popularity following The Outline’s January 31 article publicizing its existence, according to Mor's statement. A recent Ars Technica article about the app claimed it was “threatening to ruin HQ Trivia” after a record-breaking 9,046 users answered all 12 questions correctly on February 6. Incidentally, HQuack also happened to provide users with 12 correct answers live that afternoon (instead of the usual eight to nine). Each winner received a measly 23 cents.

The site now reads: “The Quack is gone. But something big is coming soon — and it’s by invite only. =)” Mor wouldn’t give any specifics regarding the site’s future, or discuss whether he’d been in contact with any representatives from HQ. “For now I’m going to focus on a new project that I think tons of people will love,” Mor said. “I’ll keep you posted on the progress!”