Will Trump be impeached? Let’s look at this wiggling dial.

We “calculate” and “visualize” the likelihood of a Trump impeachment using proprietary technology that is totally real

The tension of not knowing. It can be excruciating. Like an itch you can’t scratch. Like a song stuck in your head you can’t quite place. The feeling of dread that something isn’t quite right. Sometimes in life, nothing is worse than not knowing.

When it comes to our 45th president — Donald J. Trump — and his seemingly endless parade of suspicious connections, erratic behaviors, and general lack of, well, being good at his job, the possibility of impeachment has been placed perpetually on the table.

While the debate may rage amongst pundits, we thought it would be useful to put the question into more scientific terms. Will he or won’t he? Frankly there’s no real way of knowing, but looking at this dial hopefully gives you some sense that there is order to the world.


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