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Rosa Lyster

Rosa Lyster
Power Mar 18

I, too, am declining to write the next ‘King Lear’ as a protest against capitalism

Quarantine is already having a bad effect on writers.

Power Feb 20

We will never find dignity in air travel

There will always be stories about the wrong way to behave on a plane, but we need not fight about them.

Power Oct 29

This essay is just Harry Potter for people who think comparing things to Harry Potter is stupid

Or some shit.

Power Sep 17

No, “pedo guy” is not a harmless South African slang term

Despite what Elon Musk says, it means a guy who is a pedophile! A pedo guy! Everywhere in the world it means that!

Power Aug 14

Oh no! Oh damn! I fell in love with New York

It is frankly humiliating to feel like this.

Power Apr 09

Listen up bitches, it’s time to learn incorrect things about someone you’ve never heard of

Why do people love yelling about random historical figures online and how do we stop it?

Culture Dec 30

Goodbye stress, hello duck

In November, a duck and a cow distracted us from everything else going on.

Culture Oct 19

Nadine Gordimer wrote furiously, in every sense

The Nobel Prize-winning South African writer cared very much how people think, and not at all what people thought of her.

Culture Aug 24

Did the subtle angle of my elbow cause a posh British woman to sell me her car?

An investigation into whether so-called “body-language experts” actually tell us anything.

Power May 09

The creeping spectre of “white genocide”

The conspiracy theory that was once contained to South Africa is spreading worldwide.

Power Mar 13

If you live in America you are almost certainly not being censored

A history of the censorship regime in apartheid South Africa reveals the disingenuousness of writers today.

Power Oct 30

The rise and fall of South Africa’s far right

What South Africa’s white supremacists can tell us about America’s.

Culture Oct 05

Why steampunk?

The aesthetic is ruining my life.

Culture Sep 19

Smokers are the last nice people online

Taking a cigarette break on the smoking internet.

Culture Aug 28

After the statues fall

What the U.S. can learn from South Africa when it comes to symbols of racism.