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Darcie Wilder

Darcie Wilder
Darcie Wilder is a New York-based writer and the author of literally show me a healthy person (Tyrant Books, 2017).
Culture Mar 24

We have already reached alarming levels of bad quarantine content

While the internet offers a support system for those practicing social distancing, some celebrities can’t help but view everyone stuck at home as a captive audience.

Power Mar 03

No politician deserves fan fiction

Save your weird projections about our next Democratic nominee for your therapist.

Power Feb 21

The CIA’s Twitter account is a war crime

Illustrating the banality of evil, one self-care tip at a time.

Culture Feb 07

Do u even DIY, bro?

Elon Musk made a song so bad that it demands a re-examination of what it means to be an indie musician in the internet age.

Culture Jan 31

I hope Mr. Peanut is honey-roasting in hell

Just kidding, corporate mascots don’t die — they always end up coming back to haunt us.

The Future Jan 23

Podcast ads are a very hot media trend right now

Does having someone in your ear telling you about a some start-up actually make you want to sign up for it? No, and it will be at least two years until someone notices.

Culture Jan 16

The building blocks of my sanity come from phone Tetris

If I’m going to be addicted to tapping at a screen, it’s probably for the best that I’m playing with blocks.

The Future Jan 10

I am beginning to suspect that having a massive following on YouTube does not make people happy

YouTube’s dominance over the internet has immense implications for how we interact with and interpret the world.

Culture Dec 20

What does it mean to give a gift?

The best gifts are a manifestation of the bond between two people.

The Future Dec 11

Do you have the mental/emotional bandwidth to read this essay?

The “pre-written considerate text message script” should not be a stand-in for true communication, but here we are.

Culture Dec 05

This is a post about post-normcore

Post-normcore tells us that our branding defines us, but it also doesn’t, but it also does.

Culture Nov 22

Please join me in thinking about Chihuahuas

The pint-sized dog’s ferocity defies their delicacy, and then reinforces it by showing exactly how harmless they actually are. We should all be more like Chihuahuas.

Culture Nov 14

How did Kendall Jenner get a copy of my book, ‘literally show me a healthy person’?

Or, why Kendall Jenner should give me $100,000.

Culture Nov 06

Hannibal Buress might be a landlord, but he lives in our heads rent-free

The “Hannibal is a landlord” debacle illustrates the danger of assuming that our favorite celebrities share our politics.

Power Oct 30

Has an influencer raised your awareness yet?

I spent an excruciating afternoon at a Levi’s-sponsored symposium on social change.

Culture Oct 23

The teens don’t want to love TikTok

The wildly popular video app is not the encapsulation of Generation Z that you, an old person, might think it is.

The Future Oct 16

Dril didn’t sell out you sold out

Both social media and Hollywood are multi-million dollar operations, but only one of these industries pays its writers.

Culture Oct 11

A list of questions won’t help you crack a celebrity

The idea that profiles can provide us real insight is a silly one we should all get over.