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Noah Kulwin

Noah Kulwin
Future Editor of The Outline
The Future Nov 21

The FTC has released some strange new videos for influencers

The clips only underscore how much the Federal Trade Commission doesn't do about influencer #ads.

Culture Nov 20

Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s symphonies deserve the Best Classical Grammy

The Soviet Jewish composer is one of the 20th century’s great classical music talents.

The Future Nov 19

Netflix’s Reed Hastings is a coward

The streaming service is happy to pretend it's a moral force bringing the power of documentary filmmaking to new markets. Until that becomes inconvenient.

The Future Nov 18

Mayor Pete’s cringey Holocaust memorial Instagram actually kind of makes sense

The badly designed memorial is Instagram bait.

The Future Nov 06

The worst influencer in the world is the Israeli military’s Twitter account

What if Denny’s, but apartheid?

The Future Oct 31

Twitter’s decision to ban political ads is misguided and wrong

Jack Dorsey is not a hero for doing this.

The Future Oct 30

It’s not Russia, it’s Facebook

A new “influence operation” on Facebook shouldn’t be an excuse to resurrect Cold War tensions.

The Future Oct 28

Facebook News is a waste of our time

The company’s latest attempt to assist journalism is about saving face, not the news.

The Future Oct 23

WeWork has real victims

The real-estate company's implosion is more than fodder for thought experiments.

The Future Oct 17

I had a chance to confront one of Jeffrey Epstein’s pals. I blew it.

What to do when you see former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak in an airport.

The Future Oct 14

I’m Upset: Tim Cook is a gigantic hypocrite

The supposedly high standard he has set for Apple doesn’t apply to Hong Kong.

The Future Oct 03

Trump 2020 is going to be great business for Facebook

Telling lies in paid advertisements? No problem!

The Future Oct 02

There is no mess Facebook won’t try to hide with a bigger mess

Surprise, Mark Zuckerberg and Co. have bad ideas about what‘s wrong with Facebook.

The Future Sep 25

WeWork is everything wrong with capitalism today

Adam Neumann's exit is just the beginning of bad times ahead.

The Future Sep 23

Sweetgreen’s latest word salad

Don’t believe a restaurant that tells you it’s a tech company

The Future Sep 19

The extremely bad vibes of Adam Neumann

WeWork's CEO has reached unseen levels of corporate absurdity.

Power Sep 12

If you work for a billionaire, you should never be laid off

Why is Jeff Bezos giving pink slips to anyone at the Washington Post?

The Future Sep 10

Destroy the MIT Media Lab

Its ties to Jeffrey Epstein are just the latest reason to do what should have been done years ago.