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Sean McElwee

Sean McElwee
Power Apr 10

No, gun owners aren’t more politically organized

The myth that pro-gun America is simply more passionate about the issue isn’t supported by the data.

Power Feb 28

Deficit dummies

The debt and the deficit don’t really matter, despite what the media would have you believe.

Power Feb 16

All about that base

The future of the Democratic Party depends on mobilizing of voters of color.

Power Feb 05

Beyond the horse race

The media loves an easy narrative about winners and losers, but they’re missing the real story.

Power Jan 24

Here’s everything Republicans could be doing to stop Trump

Except they’re not doing any of it, because they frickin’ love him!

Power Jan 17

If liberals don’t embrace identity politics, they will lose

Ignore the naysayers. Economic equality and identity are inseparable.

Power Jan 04

Why are Democrats so afraid of taxes?

Most people are fine with paying them.

Power Dec 27

Nothing in moderation

Democrats need to move farther to the left to regain power.

Power Dec 07

The Democratic party is fine

It is the most united American party in modern political history.

Power Nov 20

Political correctness isn’t the problem

The “real” bigotry is not suppression of speech, but white nationalism.

Power Nov 06

Why pundits are wrong on Democrats and immigration

The party hasn’t moved too far to the left — it hasn’t moved far enough.

Power Mar 09

Are the Democrats totally screwed?

The road back to power seems blocked at every turn.

Power Jan 09

Trump has filled his Cabinet with a goon squad of rich donors

And he’ll be governing for their gain, not yours.