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Paola de Varona

Paola de Varona
Culture Sep 16

Dieting while Latinx

“Wellness” sometimes comes at the expense of your culture.

Culture Sep 13

This year’s hottest cultural trend is lemons

Lemons have become the preferred accessory of influencers.

Culture Sep 11

Climate change is now a bedtime story

How children’s literature is explaining environmental crisis to young readers.

Culture Sep 05

Getting away with torture is easy when you’re Captain America

A Q&A with the author of ‘How to Justify Torture,’ a new book about the pervasiveness of torture narratives in media.

Culture Aug 28

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is sold out, but the chicken wars will never be over

The clamor over Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich is just the latest example of how fast-food marketing infiltrates our lives.

Culture Aug 22

I promise that you’ll never find another brand lover like me

A look at Taylor Swift’s extensive corporate history.

Culture Aug 20

Walter Mercado couldn’t have predicted this

A new Miami exhibit celebrates the Puerto Rican astrologer, who opened a window into self-care and spiritual wellness for millions of viewers.

Culture Aug 07

A game room of one’s own

The subreddit /r/GirlGamers is a place to find other women with whom to game and vent about the exhausting existence of being a woman online.

Culture Jul 31

Saying goodbye to ‘Jane the Virgin’

The show did many things well, but especially how it treated the relationship between different generations of Latina grandmothers, mothers, and daughters.

Culture Jul 26

And the final rose goes to... Ft. Lauderdale

South Florida is the perfect breeding ground for ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ contestants.

Culture Jul 16

The organization telling the stories of the Japanese-American incarceration

Densho content director Brian Niiya talks about the importance of archiving memories and experiences of the World War II camps.

Culture Jul 11

‘Whisper Network’ turns the #MeToo movement into an empowerment fantasy

Chandler Baker’s new novel trivializes the cultural movement.

Culture Jul 03

Who gets to enjoy country music?

The rise of Lil Nas X and the yeehaw agenda have caused me to re-examine my relationship with a genre that seems intent on shutting people like me out.

Culture Jun 26

The Beatles branding machine can’t just let it be

‘Yesterday,’ a new movie that imagines a world where the Beatles never existed, is just the latest attempt at keeping them relevant in the 21st century.

Culture Jun 24

We’re living in an American renaissance for Spanish-language television

The release of HBO’s ‘Los Espookys’ represents the latest ground bilingual Spanish television has won among mainstream American audiences.