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Gabriela Del Valle

Gabriela Del Valle
The Future Jun 23

The people GoFundMe leaves behind

Crowdfunding doesn’t help everyone. In fact, it doesn’t help most people.

Power Jun 21

Psychologist who designed the CIA’s torture program claims it was “safe”

More than 100 detainees were subject to sleep deprivation, waterboarding, and beatings while in CIA custody.

The Future Jun 20

Deadly heat waves are becoming more common

A third of the world's population is already exposed to deadly heat levels, and that figure will continue to climb.

Power Jun 16

Prison phone calls will continue to be an overpriced racket

Families often spend thousands of dollars a year to communicate with their incarcerated relatives.

Power Jun 16

Thanks to the internet, anyone can impersonate an ICE officer

You can buy a counterfeit Immigration and Customs Enforcement badge on eBay for less than $10.

Power Jun 15

The future of Obama’s youth immigration act is still uncertain under Trump

Trump said he would “show great heart” towards the act’s recipients, but his administration deported 43 undocumented youth in just three months.

Power Jun 14

Michigan’s top health official will keep his job despite manslaughter charges

Four other officials were also charged with manslaughter in connection to the Flint water crisis.

Power Jun 13

Stop comparing politics to sexual violence

Comey isn’t an abuse victim, and Trump is not gaslighting you.

Power Jun 12

ICE arrested dozens of Iraqi Christians in Detroit

Advocates said deporting them to Iraq would be "like a death sentence."

Power May 01

The media is spreading immigration propaganda

Local and national outlets alike aren’t putting the necessary legwork into reporting on immigration.

Power Mar 06

Undocumented, abused, and silenced

Victims of domestic violence are suffering in new ways under Trump’s immigration policies.