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Jacob Bacharach

Jacob Bacharach
Jacob Bacharach is a writer in Pittsburgh.
Power Oct 07

The horny obsessions of the right

A ludicrous conspiracy theory involving Elizabeth Warren is just the latest fixation on the sex lives of the left.

Culture Sep 23

Next year in the diaspora

How can American Jews comport their faith with Israel’s politics?

Power Sep 09

The future is four wheels, cyclists be damned

Cars are pushing out bikes and pedestrians to the applause of the influential and powerful.

Power Aug 26

We work to maintain the fiction of venture capital

The business press is casually credulous when it comes to reporting on flashy, big-money companies.

Power Aug 12

Sometimes inclusion is going to be a bit embarrassing

But disability — invisible or otherwise — is a working-class issue that the left and right must take seriously.

Power Jul 29

It was never ‘Mueller Time’

Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony was a dud. But he was not the hero he was made out to be by Democrats.

Power Jul 15

We tell ourselves conspiracy theories in order to live

The search for capital-T Truth is a futile but alluring one.

Power Jul 01

There are concentration camps in America

The idea that Nazi analogies are verboten when describing U.S. detainment camps is absurd.

Power Jun 17

The debate over free speech deserves a better subject than Steven Crowder

The YouTube firebrand is offensive, sure, but he’s also fundamentally banal.

The Future Jun 03

The end of the world will be a non-event

As long as we keep imagining one future climate catastrophe, we can ignore all the ones already here.

The Future May 20

One small step for man, one giant leap for billionaires

Jeff Bezos’s dream of colonizing outer space sounds cool until you consider that he’ll send us all up there to work for him.

Power May 06

Where is the left on gun control?

Despite the upswing of progressive politics, little has been said about our country’s problem with guns.

Power Apr 22

Traveling is an elitist nightmare

Tourism is increasingly oriented toward and designed for the rich. How do we make it for everyone?

Power Apr 08

Why Pete Buttigieg is bad for gays

Mayor Pete might be the most palatable gay man in America. That's precisely the problem.