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Arimeta Diop

Arimeta Diop
The Future May 29

What it means when a Tinder match asks for your social media

How we move a conversation off dating apps has a number of nuances we’re still untangling.

The Future May 23

EatWith wants to reconnect you with your neighbors by sharing a meal together

Reconnecting with an old neighborhood might be as simple as having a meal with strangers.

The Future May 10

Startups aimed at millennials have reinvented the shame of my youth: layaway

Services for marginalized populations have been rebranded as buy-now, pay-later with the millennial shopper in mind.

The Future May 03

Subscription service Trash Club just wants to find you the perfect vintage tee

Why these two women in Montana are dressing all the female comedians in Brooklyn.

The Future Apr 30

Black feminists on Twitter prove yet again we need to listen to them

The issues platforms are dealing with now have been called out in the past but no one was listening.

The Future Apr 23

Getting your food delivered could be better for the planet

It might — MIGHT — be better to sit on your couch and order some Blue Apron meals than go to a grocery store.

The Future Apr 18

My astrology app hates me and I can’t get enough

I never asked to be dragged like this... wait, maybe I did.

The Future Apr 16

Keep Instagram horny

The platform's latest announcement suggests the campaign to sanitize the internet of sex is going strong.

The Future Apr 09

NASA, please do not encourage people to think we will move to Mars

Though exciting, the prospect betrays a dark possibility for the future of life off Earth.

The Future Apr 02

In Norway, traditional car sales sure are... Oslowing down

Electric car sales have surpassed gas-powered ones, thanks to very specific policies that favor their use.

The Future Mar 29

Let’s take a trip back to YouTube circa 2006

This was the one Youtube rabbit hole I’m actually glad I fell down.

The Future Mar 28

Will Facebook finally face consequences for allowing discriminatory housing ads?

Are you seeing this? How about now? And now?

The Future Mar 26

There will be too many streaming services soon, start coordinating password-sharing now

Brenda will trade you her HBO Go for your Apple TV+ and Criterion, if you give me your Disney+ I’ll give you my Amazon Prime, do you know anyone with Showtime? Yeah, me neither

The Future Mar 22

Your insurance premium is about to rise like the sea levels

Insurers are adjusting their models to account for the onslaught of fires, floods, and weather disasters that will come with a warming climate.

The Future Mar 21

Facebook has more options for removing bad content than it will admit

The company's reaction to the Christchurch shooting betrays a lack of proactive action.

The Future Mar 19

Kids are refusing the world we plan to leave them

The Youth Climate Strike highlights a new wave of activism among young people who are terrified of climate change.

The Future Mar 08

One of Theranos’ first investors has learned approximately nothing from its implosion

/“You’ve got a friend in me” plays in the background

The Future Mar 07

YouTube: okay what if we suggest racist videos but add context?

A new fact-checking feature is only available in India, so far, but is likely to get a wider rollout.

The Future Mar 01

Amazon still trying to solve a central problem: getting people what they order

The company rolls out yet another feature in an effort to make sure customers receive their orders.

The Future Feb 27

Tinder goes back to its original mission: helping college kids bone

“Spring Break mode” is yet another feature hoping to make lifelong dating-app customers out of college kids.