The Outline

Jacob Khepler

Jacob Khepler
Culture Apr 24

It’s asparagus-is-less-expensive-and-tastes-better season

Asparagus, water, heat, and butter. Maybe blueberries.

Culture Apr 17

Earth Day is the most psychedelic holiday

Nature is wild.

Culture Apr 10

How to do Easter in a parking lot

The font of twisted Easter traditions is endless and fascinating.

Culture Mar 27

April 1st is International Waluigi Day, for some reason

The absurd character has a cultish fanbase and a holiday all to himself.

Culture Mar 20

Are you dreaming of escape?

Harry Houdini’s birthday was March 24.

Culture Mar 13

Celebrate St. Patrick in your own way

But do not pinch those who forget to wear green.

Culture Mar 06

199 years of ‘Frankenstein’

Time to start planning for the big 200.

Culture Feb 27

How to have a productive stroll

We hope you find money on the street.

Culture Feb 20

Gutenberg, destroyer of worlds

It’s the 562nd anniversary of the printing press, hooray.

Culture Feb 13

Winter strategy: Hibernate and watch a snake movie

Here’s a list to help you get started.

Culture Feb 06

These little machines do nothing, but they sure are satisfying to watch

Celebrate Inventors’ Day by checking out some of Arthur Ganson’s moving sculptures.

Culture Jan 30

What is the deal with Groundhog Day?

And what to do if you don’t have a groundhog.

Culture Jan 23

It’s a good week to celebrate the telephone

Bumping into someone on the street, but by phone

Culture Jan 16

A mysterious figure visited Edgar Allan Poe’s grave for 60 years and then disappeared

Cheers to the Poe Toaster

Culture Jan 09

January is a good month to watch a movie at home

And make popcorn.

Culture Jan 02

What is a planet anyhow?

Lunar Observer records upcoming dates of interest: holidays, birthdays, best day to cut hair.

Culture Dec 26

New Year’s isn’t always on Dec. 31

Different cultures mark the new year in March, September, and June.

Culture Dec 19

If ‘A Christmas Carol’ happened today, Scrooge would be visited by nine ghosts

The 19th century classic would be a different story if it took place in 2016.

Culture Dec 12

Here's how to celebrate Saturnalia, the holiday of opposites

There's also partying.

Culture Dec 09

The play that starts with “shit”

Celebrating the anniversaries of two literary blockbusters: Ubu Roi and Huck Finn.