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Kevin Litman-Navarro

Kevin Litman-Navarro
The Future Dec 17

On Instagram, Russian propaganda hides in plain sight

A new report shows rampant political manipulation on the platform.

The Future Dec 12

“Graveyard shift” is even more ominous than it sounds

New research shows that disrupted sleep patterns can increase the risk for diabetes.

The Future Dec 10

Giving your location to an app is almost always a bad idea

A new investigation shows how companies hide data collection.

The Future Dec 06

My Nintendo DSi is a time capsule I didn’t know I made

When I powered up my old device, I was unexpectedly confronted with who I used to be.

The Future Dec 04

Genetically altered babies are causing chaos in the scientific community. Are they even real?

We don't know much about CRISPR, but what we do know isn't totally inspiring.

The Future Dec 03

The median medical GoFundMe fundraising goal is $50,000

For many people dealing with medical emergencies, crowdfunding is the only way to pay the bills

The Future Nov 27

Facebook: not that diverse, not that inclusive

Facebook, do better.

The Future Nov 26

What did we expect from Sheryl Sandberg?

Facebook’s COO has all the blind spots of a powerful businessperson.

The Future Nov 20

Using refugees to train algorithms is some dystopian shit

Tech companies are interested in profit, not philanthropy.

The Future Nov 19

Now even in nature there are cameras watching

Unplugging by going to the woods? Mind the surveillance cameras.

The Future Nov 14

Portrait of the artist as a microbial growth

The body contains more microbes than human cells — bioartist Ani Liu wants us to think about that.

The Future Nov 12

Netflix might start charging less to stream original movies you’ve never heard of

Netflix contemplates a cheaper streaming tier as Disney+ gets primed to launch.

The Future Nov 07

23andme wants to toss a live grenade into your family holiday

Bringing a dna test to the dinner table probably won’t go well.

The Future Nov 06

Here are the worst ways tech could mess up the election

A rundown of everything that can, and already is, going wrong.