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Rosemarie Ho

Rosemarie Ho
Rosemarie Ho is an intern at The Outline.
Culture Jan 04

Marie Kondo’s new show sparks dread

The Japanese lifestyle guru has a new show out on Netflix about the magic of tidying up. But what is she actually advocating for?

Culture Jan 02

One music list to rule them all

What an album-of-the-year mega-spreadsheet tells us about music trends in 2018.

Culture Dec 21

The Christmas music alignment chart

From chaotic naughty to lawful nice.

Culture Dec 19

Finally, a Karl Marx anime

China is producing a cartoon series about the father of communism.

Culture Dec 14

Happy holidays, “thank u, next”

What's a successful pop song without a holiday mash-up?

Culture Dec 13

Japan officially recognizes this year has been a disaster

Every year, Japan has a contest for the best word that summarizes the year’s mood.

Culture Dec 11

“subtle asian traits” is neither subtle nor Asian

An occasionally funny, wildly popular Facebook meme group raises questions about who speaks for the diaspora.

Culture Dec 06

Where will furries go after Tumblr?

Tumblr’s new ban on adult content has the furry community wondering if it should find a new online home.

Culture Dec 03

The 1975 know how long love hurts

“102,” a song that’s evolved over several years, appears on their new record ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships.’

Culture Nov 30

Zadie Smith showed me how to believe in the novel

An early encounter with the author sparks a new way to think about fiction.

Culture Nov 26

The internet stinks and ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ knows why

We’re all just depressed office workers, handing out our love one like at a time.

Culture Nov 20

When Anne Carson talks, you pay attention

Two days and three lectures with the brilliant poet at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Culture Nov 15

Why BTS is in trouble over a t-shirt

A rare gaffe for the hugely popular band says something about the role of K-pop idols in transnational politics.

Culture Nov 13

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got a passionate hatred for autocracy

Axl Rose’s anti-Trump stance is getting attention now, echoing his past crusade for Chinese democracy.

Culture Nov 11

Glossier wants to be the happiest place on Earth

I went to Glossier’s new “Adult Disneyland” flagship store. It was wild.

Culture Nov 07

Who shapes the legacies of dead, young rappers?

Posthumous releases from Lil Peep and XXXtentacion seek to cement their artistry, even as their reputations were still in flux when they died.

Culture Nov 01

Every generation gets the devil it deserves

Satan is a totally normal presence in the new ‘Sabrina.’ How did he get there?