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Nicole Kobie

Nicole Kobie
The Future Nov 15

Publishers paying George Takei to promote stories isn’t just weird — it’s an FTC violation

Without disclosure over advertising, news organizations and “influencers” could be in hot water.

The Future Nov 09

How a DIY YouTuber became the target of a sexist conspiracy theory

Dale Dougherty, the founder of the “maker movement,” accused a Chinese woman of being a fraud despite having no evidence.

Power Jul 21

London criminals can’t get guns, so they’re using acid

Attacks with corrosive chemicals are happening more and more frequently.

Power Jun 09

Why did the U.K.’s Brexit party implode?

The U.K. Independence Party lost its support in the British general election.

The Future Apr 20

Wikipedia’s method for sorting out “good” and “bad” sources is a mess

The digital encyclopedia has no real leadership, doesn’t vote, and has no rules. So how does it govern itself?

The Future Apr 12

Technology is for the rich

A new report from the IMF documents how technological advancement is chipping away at the share of income that goes to workers.

Culture Apr 10

This classic book by a Portuguese poet is being reprinted on trash and ephemera

Turning ‘The Book of Disquiet’ back into the bits and pieces it was born from

Power Apr 07

Why Pepsi’s ‘global’ protest ad fell flat around the world

Pepsi released a tone-deaf ad. The U.S. was outraged. The rest of the world rolled its eyes.

The Future Apr 05

The future of driverless cars is a bus

Autonomous pods solve more problems than driverless cars.

The Future Mar 30

New research shows the internet is a swamp and the trolls have won

A survey by Pew Internet suggests the dark side is winning.

The Future Mar 29

You can’t buy the browsing history of Congress

Campaigns fundraising to prove a privacy point are clever but misguided

Power Mar 29

How Brexit led to Legs-it

It's a sad week for progressives in Britain.