The Outline

Emmett Rensin

Emmett Rensin
Power Sep 27

No ground lost or gained

Democrats, for all their self-conception as architects of a progressing world, possess no singular purpose.

Power Sep 12

Democrats are losing the propaganda war

Liberals are getting crushed by the right’s agitprop, and Verrit will not save them.

Power Sep 04

The empire doesn’t care who is president

Every despot learns that an empire is a sluggish thing, set on its inertial path by history.

Power Aug 08

Four days with America’s socialist party

The Democratic Socialists of America are getting ambitious, and it’s about time.

Power Aug 04

The real fascists are the friends we made along the way

What comes after the #resistance? Who knows. It’s best not to think about it too much.

Power Jul 31

Left with rage

When Trump is gone, the bourgeoisie alliance will turn its full power on the left, and the real work will begin.

Power Jun 20

The end will be delivered by Amazon drone

If something else doesn't kill us first.

Power May 25

The orb must be smashed

It is not enough to merely impeach Trump.

Power May 11

The crushing idiocy of Donald Trump

If he’s so dumb, why can’t Democrats outsmart him?

Power Mar 13

Don’t normalize George W. Bush

The former president shouldn’t get a pass just because Trump seems worse.

Power Jan 31

You don’t know Hannah Arendt

But pretending to has become the favorite activity of the left.

Power Dec 14

Valley of the dolts

Silicon Valley's power brokers want you to think they're different. But they're just average robber barons.