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Oscar Schwartz

Oscar Schwartz
Oscar Schwartz is a freelance writer based in New York.
The Future Aug 31

Here’s how Google knows when an online ad makes you buy the product in real life

A report from Bloomberg found that Google is using credit card data to track real-life purchases, too.

The Future Aug 27

Researchers want to make an AI that can destroy human beings in Dota 2

If we solved chess and Go, can we solve this?

The Future Aug 22

Ants are communist as hell

But colony politics probably shouldn’t be attempted by humans.

The Future Aug 22

No, the internet has not destroyed our attention spans

New research indicates humans have always been terrible at focusing, and that’s how we’re supposed to be.

The Future Aug 17

A fish that’s made it 420 million years on this earth is no match for human greed

An oil company is choosing to drill right on top of a tiny colony of coelacanths.

The Future Aug 16

Showing off how rich you are won’t help you make friends

A new study suggests signaling wealth to peers through material goods actually makes you less attractive.

The Future Aug 13

Google knows where you are at all times and there is almost nothing you can do about it

According to a new investigation, we should probably be scared about this, but it is also normal now.

The Future Aug 10

Our genetic ancestors died due to climate change and laziness


The Future Aug 09

Stop trying to be productive while you’re asleep

A new study shows when your brain is off, it is off.

The Future Aug 07

AI bots are getting better than elite gamers

A DOTA 2 AI team managed to destroy a 99th-percentile team of human players.

The Future Jul 13

Digital ads are starting to feel psychic

Targeted advertising has become so uncanny, it feels like we’re being surveilled. Two artists want to hear these stories.