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Livia Albeck-Ripka

Livia Albeck-Ripka
Livia Albeck-Ripka is a freelance journalist in New York.
The Future Sep 06

Well well well, look who is smoking the devil’s lettuce now, MOM

Baby boomer cannabis use has doubled in the last decade.

The Future Aug 30

The point of no return for our planet is only 17 years away

If we don’t take drastic and immediate action, food shortages, plant and animal extinction, and inhospitable environments for humans will become inevitable, scientists say.

The Future Aug 22

Time to question the high-fat diet

New research suggests high-fat foods break down the biological process that lets the brain signal to the body that it’s time to stop eating.

The Future Aug 21

Bringing back coal will kill thousands of people per year

The EPA’s own documents show coal is bad for us, yet the Trump administration is now rolling out a plan to bring it back.

The Future Aug 20

America can lie about its drug problem, but its sewage can’t

Sewage analysis is a common method of assessing human behavior in Europe, but has yet to take off in the U.S.

The Future Aug 19

Stop flushing your contacts down the drain

They break down into tiny pieces and become microplastics in our food and water supply.

Power Aug 13

New research suggests Easter Island’s civilization was more complex than we thought

The giant head-shaped statues were not the work of a small class of craftsmen.

The Future Jul 26

The ocean has a wilderness, and it’s disappearing

We are destroying parts of the ocean we’ve never seen with our own eyes.

Power Jul 11

The lives at our door

At the edge of America, asylum seekers fight for the right to stay and, perhaps, to live.