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Sean T. Collins

Sean T. Collins
Culture Mar 23

Imagine there’s no apocalypse

Movies like Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ show how the erosion of society need not mean the erosion of our shared humanity.

Culture Mar 09

We’re living an apocalyptic Stephen King novel (in reverse)

In ‘The Stand’, the demonic fascist follows the pandemic outbreak.

Culture Feb 24

‘Better Call Saul’ gets the point of prestige TV

Like all the great shows about bad men with guilty consciences, the ‘Breaking Bad’ offshoot invites viewers to take ruthless inventory of themselves.

Culture Feb 10

The ecstasy of the agony: A quick guide to transcendental horror

In movies like ‘Midsommar’ and ‘The Lighthouse,’ supernatural forces liberate their protagonists from earthly concerns to a new plane of understanding.

Culture Jan 29

Taking ‘The New Pope’ at face value

No show on TV casts normal-looking people to such great effect.

Culture Jan 15

This emperor has no clothes

The new ‘Star Wars’ is a letdown in many ways, but especially how it neuters an all-time classic villain.

Culture Apr 04

Inside David Lynch’s scariest scene

In a long, often terrifying career, The Mystery Man from ‘Lost Highway’ sticks out as the stuff of nightmares.

Culture Aug 16

All hail the monumental horror-image

How striking scenes from ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Wicker Man,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ and other iconic horror movies make an indelible mark on us.

Culture Jul 11

The only good online fandom left is Dune

As corporations take control of nerd culture, science fiction’s most esoteric epic remains gloriously untamed.