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Melinda Fakuade

Melinda Fakuade
Culture Aug 24

Shredded cheese memes soothe my soul

In the middle of the night, there it is — a bag of dairy, waiting to be munched.

Culture Aug 23

The bizarre appeal of viral mugshots

Why do people like to look at photos of strangers at their worst?

Culture Aug 22

White Castle wants you to have a threesome

Horny for bacon? Why not?

Culture Aug 17

Ariana Grande has mastered the sultry whisper

Her new album ‘Sweetener’ showcases her confidence.

Culture Aug 10

Nicki Minaj has the best laugh

Her new album ‘Queen’ gives us a few tastes of her most iconic trait.

Culture Aug 09

Fortnite-inspired fitness classes are a great way to get your kid to stop playing Fortnite

Available across Europe now.

Culture Aug 07

Dear Kardashians: please kool it with this kraven kattiness

As ratings drop, the scripted drama of reality TV’s most famous family extends to the digital space.

Culture Aug 02

Nicki Minaj’s perfectionism is painfully visible

The run-up to her new album ‘Queen’ has not been smooth.

Culture Jul 31

Down for what?

Every rapper wants a woman who will do anything, except be her own person.

Culture Jul 26

The sticky business of separating twins

A real life ‘Parent Trap’ situation isn’t nearly as fun as the movie.

Culture Jul 13

‘Eighth Grade’ is a tender portrayal of your most uncomfortable years

Bo Burnham’s new film beautifully captures the secondhand embarrassment of watching a middle schooler learn how to not be weird.

Culture Jul 12

‘Paid Off’ turns your student loan nightmare into a game show

A fast hand with a buzzer won’t fix our debt.

Culture Jul 10

How do children of color learn to draw themselves?

“You’re going to have one of the white children in that school call that child black, and that child is going to go home or ask the teacher, ask somebody: ‘What does that mean? I’m not black.’”

Culture Jul 06

Short albums are good

New, surprise releases from Future and Meek Mill highlight the format.

Culture Jul 05

Mayday, mayday! Who’s the winner of ‘Drag Race’?

A flight emergency finds a convenient answer.

Culture Jun 28

Socialite grifter Anna Delvey wants pen pals

Please do not give her your Social Security number in a fan letter.

Culture Jun 22

Chipotle’s 5 new menu items are a cry for help

Can a milkshake revive the company’s flagging fortunes?

Culture Jun 20

‘Set It Up’ shows there’s some life left in romantic comedy

By centering millennials and diversity, the Netflix vehicle is surprisingly fresh for the premise.

Culture Jun 19

How do you fix Solid Snake’s bad butt?

Asking for a friend.

Culture Jun 12

10,000 likes and we’ll show you how we built this patient’s butt

Through social media, modern doctors gain celebrity status and teach their followers.

Culture Jun 05

What is Miss America for?

The competition, which just announced plans to eliminate the swimsuit portion, is still based on an outmoded idea about judging women.

Culture May 31

Drake being embarrassed in public: A timeline

He's not completely invincible.

Culture May 24

Jason Bateman’s apology was actually good

It's refreshing to see someone take responsibility, for once.

The Future May 22

Finally, you’ll be able to mute people on Instagram

Save yourself the awkward unfollow.

Culture May 18

The war for Meek Mill’s attention

His political power amplified overnight, but who gets to sway his vote?

Culture May 16

You don't need to remake “This is America”

Leave Donald Glover alone.

Culture May 15

Rihanna’s lingerie line is exactly what her fans want

A Brooklyn pop-up show for Savage X Fenty demonstrated the enthusiasm for her new endeavor.

Culture May 10

Live-tweeting your celebrity encounter is corny

Act like you’ve been here before, please.