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Rob Dozier

Rob Dozier
Culture Jun 28

If you can’t tear down the bad statues, create a bunch of good ones

Activist group Movers and Shakers is using virtual reality to place digital sculptures of figures like Colin Kaepernick and Serena Williams throughout NYC.

Culture Jun 21

Four thoughts on the future of afrofuturism

After having a moment in 2018, where does the movement go from here?

Culture Jun 18

Pokémon Go is finally the game it should’ve been

Two years after its launch, a game intended to be a social experience is now... a social experience.

Culture Jun 13

Never forget the best freestyle rap in the history of the XXL Freshman Class

What rhymes with basketball player?

Culture Jun 08

I missed Kid Cudi

The mercurial artist returns with ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS,’ a new, compelling Kanye West project.

Culture Jun 01

These Vine recreations by high school teachers fill our hearts with joy

Never forget being welcomed to Chili’s.

Culture May 29

‘black-ish’ pushes the televised black family forward

The show, which just concluded a season about divorce, fits into a long tradition of boundary-testing network TV.

Culture May 25

The year’s most emotional movie will be the live-action ‘Winnie the Pooh’

A new trailer messes us up.

Culture May 21

Barack and Michelle are coming to Netflix

Finally, we might get a sequel to ‘The Wire.’

Culture May 16

Kanye West’s worst song is now a little better

Thanks to all the intrepid artists remixing “Lift Yourself.”

Culture May 14

The beginner’s guide to ‘Star Wars’ slash fiction

Which pairings do horny fans want to see most?

Culture Apr 30

The beguiling appeal of Iyanla Vanzant’s TV therapy

How the premise of “fixing” someone’s life often turns into something else.

Culture Apr 13

Taylor Swift isn’t the first white person who dared to cover Earth, Wind & Fire

Nor is she the worst!

Culture Apr 10

Meet the cartographer mapping the size of your favorite video game

How Big Is The Map? answers a very basic question: How big is the map?

Culture Apr 06

Russell Crowe probably shouldn’t sell these neo-Nazi boots in his divorce auction

A pair of shoes in his possession come with some curious context.