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Samuel Argyle

Samuel Argyle
Culture May 31

A music festival like no other

A Q&A with the founder of FORM Arcosanti, which bucks corporate festival culture.

Culture May 30

Is Beto O’Rourke responsible for The Mars Volta reuniting?

Probably not, but, like, what if he were?

Culture May 27

This year’s hottest cultural trend is being bald

From John Travolta to The Rock to George Costanza, the biggest celebrities in the universe are discovering that they can have one career and zero hairs on their head.

By Samuel Argyle

Culture May 23

A punk academic helps you justify your love for Madonna’s music videos

Ryann Donnelly’s book ‘Justify My Love’ offers radical interpretations of music videos from Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and more.

Culture May 15

Horror buffs, meet music nerds

A Q&A with the authors of ‘Blood on Black Wax,’ a new book about the best horror film soundtracks ever made.

Culture May 10

Oh no, I’m a Tool fan again

The cult band’s new album is coming this summer, as is all my long-submerged fondness for their whole thing.

Culture May 08

Finally, a new way to learn that Post Malone is still popular

‘Rolling Stone’ is launching a new rankings chart to compete with ‘Billboard.’ What that means for music listeners is unclear.

Culture May 02

Good vibrations: I purified myself in a sound bath

It’s not therapy, but a night with a sound artist left us feeling calmer and collected.

Culture Apr 30

The woman who recorded 70,000 VHS tapes of... news

A Q&A with the director of ‘Recorder,’ a new documentary about archivist Marion Stokes’ project to chronicle the news cycle.

Culture Apr 24

Spielberg vs. Netflix ends in a draw

Films released by streaming platforms will still be considered for the Oscars.

Culture Apr 19

Remembering a giant

Marking the 10th anniversary of J.G. Ballard's death.

Culture Apr 17

God saw all that He had memed, and behold, it was very epic

An interview with Epic Christian Memes, Instagram’s largest Christian-themed meme page.

Culture Apr 16

Iconic English label Creation Records is getting a Danny Boyle-backed movie

Alan McGee, who founded the label behind Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, and many more, will be the subject of a new biopic.

Culture Apr 04

There’s a new way for MySpace music mourners to revisit the past

Thanks to the Internet Archive, we now have access to once lost digital songs.

Culture Mar 29

A fantasy getaway in a fish tank

The Adult Swim talk show ‘FishCenter Live’ offers a soothing respite from the world.

Culture Mar 26

An evening with Black Midi, the best new rock band you should know about

The London-based band talks art, the origins of their name, and video games.

Culture Mar 20

This year’s hottest cultural trend is eggs

From Eggboy to heart health, the oval food has been in the news a lot.

Culture Mar 18

A Democratic presidential candidate’s curious alt-right fandom

The “Yang Gang” loves Andrew Yang’s unconventional political ideas, and they love making memes about his unlikely shot at taking the White House.

Culture Mar 13

The ambient jams of ‘Kankyo Ongaku’ will help you achieve full consciousness

An interview with the makers of a new compilation highlighting innovative New Age and avant-garde artists previously overlooked outside Japan.

Culture Mar 11

‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’ rewards people who don’t like podcasts

HBO’s new documentary provides a necessary visual element to the 'Serial' case.

Culture Mar 06

The nerds who hate ‘Captain Marvel’

Search YouTube, and you’ll find dozens of wannabe gatekeepers who claim they know best about nerd culture, and definitely can’t stand Brie Larson.

Culture Mar 04

The anatomy of the “anatomy of” memes

A new meme style highlights subtle characteristics of celebrity figures, and takes fandom to a new level.

Culture Mar 01

Warhol’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ is weirder than Kubrick’s

Looking back at the bizarre ‘Vinyl,’ the first adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel.

Culture Feb 26

Tim Heidecker knows how absurd this is

An interview with the comedian about cynicism, satirical folk music, the importance of political debate, and more.

Culture Feb 21

You don’t need just one Merzbow podcast. You need two.

Interviews with the creators of two separate podcasts dedicated to the legendary noise artist, both launched in 2019.

Culture Feb 14

They didn’t have to make Will Smith blue

‘Aladdin’ isn’t faithful to anything but nostalgia, and now we have this overly blue monstrosity.

Culture Feb 11

How ‘Russian Doll’ flirts with psychedelic therapy

The show's nod to ketamine is subtle, but the drug underscores the cycle of life, death, and life-changing revelations.

Culture Feb 07

How do you tell what words mean?

An interview with the academics behind ‘Keywords for Today,’ a book exploring the myriad definitions and contexts behind the most important words of the day.

Culture Feb 04

Ted Bundy would be thrilled to know we’re still talking about him

The 30th anniversary of the serial killer’s death has brought an overwhelming amount of coverage as a new generation considers his crimes.

Culture Jan 28

The Dude would not abide this Super Bowl commercial

Corporate revivals of fan favorites is nothing new, but this stinks.

Culture Jan 25

Here are 21 covers of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”

Most of them are better than Weezer’s.

Culture Jan 24

In Japan, a debate about swastikas takes on new urgency

A proposal to limit the symbol’s public prominence ahead of the 2020 Olympics clashes against centuries of cultural history.

Power Jun 12

My weekend with white nationalists

I wanted to understand Identity Evropa. So I became one of them.