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P. Leila Barghouty

P. Leila Barghouty
Power Mar 17

Let’s all chill out a bit about a coronavirus-induced police state

We’re far from “marshall law.”

Power Mar 06

U.S. prisons are not ready for coronavirus

The constant flow of both staff and detainees in and out of jails means that a powerful virus could take over quickly and easily.

Power Feb 26

When you’re the alleged architect of the CIA’s alleged torture program but you also non-allegedly love dogs

It’s possible for someone to have no empathy for humans but cry at the thought of dogs getting harmed.

Power Jan 23

The dangerous shortcomings of forensic science

Junk forensic science is responsible for putting many innocent people behind bars. Can the field be advanced to prevent this?

Power Dec 18

Cutting corners to put boots on the border

Customs and Border Protection agents and officers are less trained and more unqualified than ever before.

Power Nov 13

Why isn’t every cop trained to administer first aid?

It might seem like a rhetorical question, but there’s no standardized training in emergency medical treatment for cops.

Power Oct 24

Getting an abortion at a Greek refugee camp

Despite health care rollbacks, aid workers in Greece are making sure refugees are guaranteed basic care.

Power Sep 18

“Everything blew through those houses, everything is gone.”

Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Dorian, Bahama residents are left to recover on their own.

Power Sep 03

The police avoid requests for their records by simply not keeping any

The futility of open-records requests makes it difficult, if not impossible, for journalists to report on aspects of the criminal justice system.

Power Jun 20

Secrets and lies at Guantanamo Bay

Listening devices, FBI informants, and gag orders… these are just some of the ways that the U.S. is mishandling classified information in the Al Qaeda trials.

Power Mar 19

One week at Gitmo

Waiting for a trial that may never come.