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Tolulope Edionwe

Tolulope Edionwe
Culture Aug 10

Voicemails from the dead

The most mundane messages can be the best memories.

The Future Jul 12

A trillion-ton iceberg just broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula

“Maps will need to be redrawn.”

Power Jun 23

Investigators wanted more data on Philando Castile’s girlfriend than the cop who killed him

They subpoenaed Facebook and Sprint for four days’ worth of information on Diamond Reynolds.

Power Jun 22

Seasonal harvest workers are avoiding Britain

Some believe migrants are leery of traveling to the U.K. for work post-Brexit.

Power Jun 19

Six members of the President’s HIV council resigned over proposed ACA repeal

The resigning members offered a critique of Trump’s lack of interest in those affected by HIV and AIDS.

Power Jun 13

39 states were hit by the 2016 Russian cyber attacks

The attacks targeted local election systems.

Culture Jun 06

The iMovie president

The Trump administration doesn’t know how to make videos.

The Future May 24

The fight against racist algorithms

Can we teach our machines to unlearn racism?

Power May 08

Heads will casserole at Bumble Bee HQ

Tuna executives admitted to illegally conspiring with other sellers.

Culture May 03

As best-seller lists are cut, a looming disaster for publishers

New authors may suffer most as publishers take fewer risks

Culture May 03

These New York Times Best Sellers Lists were eliminated without explanation

It’s still unclear why these particular categories were chosen.

The Future Apr 06

This may be the safest way to protect your internet privacy at home

So why isn’t anyone talking about it?

Power Mar 31

This is the most precise 2016 election map you’ve ever seen

It was created by a map enthusiast on his down time.

Culture Mar 24

Check out this amazingly awkward face computer from 1995

Who could have imagined that Xybernaut’s expensive and bulky Mobile Assistant would not catch on?

The Future Mar 20

Finding a better alternative to the whiteboard interview

Two engineers are looking for other ways to screen engineers and promote diversity.

Power Mar 14

In the U.S. justice system, being deaf can get you wrongly imprisoned

Felix Garcia was sent to prison 34 years ago for a crime he did not commit.

The Future Mar 09

Crime video app Vigilante relaunches as Citizen

But it’s still dangerously flawed.

Culture Mar 08

Race factors heavily into some opinions on paying college athletes

A pattern that mirrors decades of social science research

The Future Mar 07

Tech companies are hoarding patents, but they should be donating them

Why doesn’t Silicon Valley do this more often?

Culture Mar 02

American Psychos

The true horror of ‘Get Out’ is knowing that white people might not recognize themselves in it.

Power Feb 24

Republican politician says he won’t hold town halls because he’s scared of being shot

U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert is living in fear... of tough questions.

Culture Feb 21

In places where same-sex marriage is legal, teens are less likely to attempt suicide

A new study shows the clear impact of equal rights.

Culture Feb 20

Feeling left out makes you more likely to believe conspiracy theories

Does it seem like everyone is out to get you? Maybe you just need more friends.

Power Feb 17

Is it open season on open data?

Check back soon.

Culture Feb 10

America needs a dose of real talk

Genuine conversation, not performative sniping, will save us from permanent division.

Culture Feb 10

Political expectations in 2017: we remain divided

The polls are in.

The Future Feb 06

Cyborgs and Twitter bots are being used by conservatives at a growing pace

Getting those tweets off at an inhuman speed

Culture Feb 03

Some fascinating stats about sports fans

In case you were wondering...

Power Jan 30

The African Union draws a link between Trump’s immigrant ban and Trans-Atlantic slave trade

What an interesting turn of events.

The Future Jan 27

Google and Facebook move against “fake news”

The fiction fight continues

Culture Jan 20

This man moved to New Zealand to get away from Trump

He actually did it.

Power Jan 19

Flint, Michigan, has been without clean water for 1,000 days

January 19, 2017, marks the 1,000th day of Flint’s water crisis.

Culture Jan 18

How do we ethically treat anorexia?

The deadliest psychiatric disorder.

Power Jan 13

Congress is in debate

About a painting.

Culture Jan 12

‘Black-ish’ tackles Trump’s America

The show’s creator speaks on the timely episode.

Culture Jan 05

The “Liberal Tears” mug is a scam

Go figure!

The Future Jan 01

The vampire elite

Drinking blood is not all that novel.

Culture Dec 26

392 people, 9 million pills

That sounds a bit excessive.

Culture Dec 26

Drug companies take a page out of Big Tobacco's playbook

Opioid manufacturers repeat history to go global.

Culture Dec 26

There have been roughly 210K opioid deaths in the past decade

"Deaths of Despair" correlated with Trump support.

The Future Dec 16

What will it take for Signal to catch on?

There is finally a secure messaging service with a chance at going mainstream. Will it?

Culture Dec 04

What comes after Hamilton?

On this episode of the Sound Show podcast, we talk to members of a New York theater and hip-hop workshop who might have the answer.

Culture Nov 16

Frank Ocean is pulling his music from Grammy consideration

He called it his Colin Kaepernick moment.