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Andy Martino

Andy Martino
Power Jul 03

Philly’s fight for freedom

The city has dramatically reduced its prison population — but will Trump ruin everything?

Power Jun 26

The AHCA will cost 22 million people their health coverage

But is that enough to kill the bill?

The Future Jun 16

A Facebook bug exposed content moderator profiles to terrorists

At least one member of the company’s counter-terrorism unit has gone into hiding.

Power Jun 13

Jeff Sessions can’t recall meeting with Russian ambassador

The Attorney General seems confused.

Culture Jun 01

The bird-flipping Mr. Met has not been fired

Merely reassigned.

The Future May 31

America could ruin the entire climate deal

If Trump withdraws, the effects on global warming will be dire.

Power May 25

Sandy Hook dad praises Seth Rich’s family for speaking out

What can you do if you are harassed by trolls after your child is murdered?

The Future May 24

NYC cops: We can neither confirm nor deny that we hacked protesters’ phones

A new lawsuit seeks answers about surveillance technology during Black Lives Matter protests.

The Future May 17

San Francisco might ban delivery robots

A nascent technology brings safety concerns.

Power May 16

History shows Trump could easily lose the House

A Gallup study suggests that Trump’s low approval rating gives Democrats a good chance to retake the House, impeach the president.

Power May 16

Trump and Russia: who’s involved, and what did they do?

Having trouble keeping them all straight? Maybe we can help.

The Future May 12

One aspect of Trump’s travel ban is still happening

Homeland Security is working on a high-tech surveillance program that will scan travelers’ eyes and faces at the border.

Power May 10

Comey’s firing: How did we get here?

A timeline of the events leading up to the FBI director’s dismissal.

Power May 10

Comey and Trump: How it all fell apart

A timeline.

The Future May 09

Facebook is just throwing shit at the wall now

This is what you do when you’re flush with cash and afraid of being anything short of ubiquitous.

Power May 04

Trump might be a bigot, but his religious freedom order has been dulled

A more modest executive order on religion is likely to stand up to court scrutiny.

Power May 03

Everyone likes a Weiner joke

The disgraced Congressman provides rare relief for James Comey during rough Senate hearing.

The Future May 02

Net neutrality is boring us to tears

If champions of an open internet want to win this battle, maybe they need to rebrand.

Power Apr 27

Trump’s Reddit fans must pick a side: the president, or net neutrality

Many of the president’s Reddit supporters are disappointed by a plan to roll back net neutrality.

Power Apr 25

More Muslims say they’re being questioned entering the U.S.

A new report suggests increased religious profiling under Trump.

The Future Apr 24

People still think Facebook is eavesdropping through their phone’s mic

The company’s denials haven’t soothed anxiety about online privacy.

Power Apr 21

Schools need goddamn internet

The tradition of depriving public schools of resources, one crumb at a time, continues under Trump’s FCC.

Power Apr 19

Dreamer deportation could draw Obama out to fight

The former president said he would speak out if Trump started deporting Dreamers — and that has now happened.

Power Apr 18

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is America’s next scary spy agency

NSA. CIA. CBP? The agency that patrols the borders has been expanding its powers of electronic surveillance.

Culture Apr 14

The end of “actress”?

Our evolving understanding of gender identity is raising questions about the term, and awards show categories.

Power Apr 12

Does Bill O’Reilly always take vacation at this time of year?

Fact-checking the embattled Fox anchor's claim.

Power Apr 11

Trump supporters criticize him online over Syria, get banned for negativity

The president’s bombing of Syria has caused conflict among his online base on r/The_Donald.

Power Apr 07

Black Lives Matter activists are convinced the NYPD hacked their phones

Did New York police use secretive surveillance on some members of the movement?

Power Apr 05

Is anything actually going to happen to Bill O’Reilly?

The Fox star is bleeding advertisers, which is what sank Glenn Beck.

Power Apr 03

Millionaire actress still wants a revolution

Susan Sarandon doesn’t understand the consequences of political upheaval.

Power Mar 31

We now have data that shows the cruelty of Trump’s anti-immigration policies

Executive orders and rhetoric have already changed the lives of immigrants.

Power Mar 30

Why transgender Americans want to be counted

The census is imperfect, but the LGBTQ community wants the government to acknowledge it exists.

Culture Mar 28

Johnny Rotten would hate John Lydon

The Sex Pistol's recent defense of Trump is a reminder of the limitations of idealizing celebrity activism.

Power Mar 27

Note to Trump and Kushner: The government is not a business

A new White House initiative misses the point.

Power Mar 24

Donald Trump’s Russian squad

Who is involved, and what did they do? (Updated May 16, 2017)

Power Mar 22

What exactly did Neil Gorsuch say about maternity leave?

The Supreme Court nominee denies ugly allegations about a hot-button issue.

Culture Mar 20

Why can’t we be honest about Chuck Berry?

The victims of sexual misconduct are more important than great art.

Power Mar 17

Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than natural-born Americans

A new report pushes back on Trump’s xenophobia.

Power Mar 16

No one really knows how many trans murders there have been

Here’s why the reported statistics are incomplete.

Power Mar 14

A timeline of Mark Zuckerberg trying to make you like him

Is the Facebook CEO rebranding himself for a run at higher office?

Culture Mar 13

Grimmer times, grimmer Kardashians

A reality TV staple is getting realer.

Culture Mar 10

The “BBC dad” viral video was bad for everyone

The stereotype of the graceless dad actually oppresses women.

Power Mar 09

Ladies, Vladimir Putin wrote a little essay for you

But back in the real world, the Russian leader is a failure to women and their rights.

The Future Mar 08

The cops can get inside your phone — soon they might have to tell you how

A new bill in NYC aims to set a precedent for curbing the local police state.

Power Mar 06

Trump’s new travel ban is as racist as the last one

The revisions do not erase the administration’s explicit call for banning Muslims.

Power Mar 03

More Americans are being killed by police in 2017

So why aren’t we hearing about it?

Power Mar 02

NYC homelessness is not going away

This was the winter when we realized it will be a long haul — here’s why.

Power Mar 01

Amnesia sets in

After one calm speech, the media is falling over itself to make Trump “presidential.” There’s just one problem: He’s not.

Power Feb 27

Sources: George W. Bush is worried about the Republican Party’s direction

And those close to the former president say he’s no fan of Trump.

Power Feb 24

Betsy DeVos is in charge of a system that literally serves millions of free lunches

The new secretary of education made a poorly thought-out joke at CPAC.

Power Feb 23

Trump reversed a calm brought by Obama’s trans guidelines

By backtracking on progressive policy, the president is sending a message of fear to young LGBT people.

Culture Feb 22

Are we close to finding Richard Simmons?

A new podcast might actually crack the case.