The Outline

Emily Brown

Emily Brown
Culture Mar 15

A totally normal adult woman learns to ride a bike

Clear eyes, sore ass, can’t lose?

Culture Mar 04

It’s Storytime

Grab a snack and settle in to watch YouTubers mine from their trove of dramatic anecdotes.

Culture Feb 22

Is Lindsay Lohan a Turkish spy?

“Racial” profiling, political endorsements, and a new religion?

Power Feb 19

The volcanic myth behind North Korea’s assassination drama

The killing of Kim Jong-un's older brother Kim Jong-nam goes deeper and gets stranger than you think.

Culture Feb 15

What does “these colors don’t run” mean, exactly?

Go ahead. Tell me.

The Future Jan 31

Computers are learning how to see in the rain

Precipitation poses a challenge for machine vision, which is why scientists are developing ways to edit it out.

Power Jan 19

Rick Perry vows to protect all of the science

All of it.

Culture Jan 16

It’s perfectly safe to drink Capri Sun

Perfectly safe.

Culture Jan 02

Germany's strange New Year's Eve tradition endures

"Dinner for One," a sketch that has aired every New Year's Eve since 1963, reached a record high 17 million viewers

Power Dec 29

The NYPD is offering $4 million to a PR firm to improve its reputation

Here's a free idea: don't kill people

Culture Dec 27

America's sheep milk cheese industry is struggling

Our sheep cheese can't keep up with the low prices of European sheep cheese.

Culture Dec 21

A record 455 scripted TV shows aired in the US this year

Maybe read a book.

Culture Dec 21

Death to the World

The last true rebellion

Culture Dec 15

Chuck your Canada Goose, you monster

The jackets now symbolize animal cruelty, obnoxious wealth, and basicness.

Culture Dec 12

The writer of the Hokey Pokey has died three times

A simple song with a complicated past

Culture Dec 04

Scratcher heaven

On YouTube, a community of scratch-off lotto enthusiasts gathers.

Power Nov 18

Massive amounts of oil have been found in West Texas

About 20 billion barrels.

Culture Nov 18

Chipotle is being sued for misleading customers about calories

Plaintiffs didn't come to the realization until after they ate their enormous burritos.

Power Nov 18

The NSA used an AT&T building in NYC as a listening post

The 550-foot-tall skyscraper was given the code name “Titanpointe.”

Power Nov 18

More doctors are prescribing expensive drugs through Medicare

The jump is attributed to expensive Hepatitis C treatments and rising drug prices.

Power Nov 16

Glenn Beck cannot atone for his sins

After years of inciting hatred, Glenn Beck seeks forgiveness.

Culture Nov 15

Saturday Night Live normalized Trump and cried about it later

The show’s Leonard Cohen tribute was supposed to be somber but was way too surreal.

Power Oct 31

CNN has cut ties with Donna Brazile, interim DNC Chair

Leaked emails revealed Brazile shared debate questions with Hillary Clinton.